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The Egg Whisperer Show

Jun 28, 2024

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There are a lot misunderstandings around what the term DOR means. Often times when people first hear about DOR, they believe that that the "D" of DOR means "depleted" ovarian reserve. This is not true! To set the record...

Jun 27, 2024

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Regardless of who you see for fertility care, you deserve the best—personalized treatment. I realize that not everyone can come to see me, and I won’t be around forever.

This information is a valuable resource as you begin...

Jun 26, 2024

Dr. Meivys Garcia is joining me on the podcast today! She is an amazing Canadian fertility doctor, and she's guiding us through her approach to fertility care when a frozen embryo transfer doesn’t work. She will describe every step, one at a time. We will also get personal. Knowing the heartbreak of having failed...

Jun 25, 2024

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I am delighted to have Larkin McPhee joining me today on The Egg Whisperer Show. She is going to bring attention to something that is near and dear to my heart, and that is her new  NOVA special, Fighting for...

Jun 24, 2024

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As you know, I encourage all fertility patients to support themselves throughout their fertility journey from a mind and body perspective. I’m beyond delighted to have Alice D. Domar, Ph.D...