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The Egg Whisperer Show

Jul 8, 2024

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I know there are a lot of fertility myths out there, and some can be downright perplexing if you’re trying to do everything you can to have a successful pregnancy. And, when you’ve been a fertility doctor for a while, let me tell you, you will hear it all.⁠

So in this episode, I’m tackling TWENTY of the most common fertility myths in a little thing I like to call “Fertility: Fact or Fiction.”⁠

I love talking about these types of things because once you know the truth, you also have a better idea of what may be happening in your own body. I think most people now realize that sperm does in fact matter when you’re TTC.⁠

But, do you need both of your fallopian tubes?⁠

Is marijuana safe when you’re TTC?⁠

Can someone born without a uterus have a uterine transplant?⁠

Is an ovarian cyst something to be concerned about?⁠

Of course, these questions matter, and I want everyone to feel comfortable asking their doctor about them (and for answers to the above: no, no, yes, no).⁠

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