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The Egg Whisperer Show

Sep 26, 2019

This week on The Egg Whisperer Show, I'm breaking down what ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) is, and why I recommend doing it along with each cycle of IVF. It's a great example of how technology can help you reach your family size goals.

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Sep 19, 2019

IVF. In Vitro Fertilization. What does it mean,and what actually happens when you go through IVF treatment? This episode explains, step by step, what IVF is, what it isn't, and what to expect as a patient, all from a doctor's point of view.

Sep 12, 2019

This episode is all about everything you need to know about egg donation. Dr. Aimee goes over the process of egg retrieval, who may receive your eggs, psychological considerations, and what questions you should ask before donating.

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Sep 5, 2019

What things do you wish someone had told you before your fertility journey? If you're just beginning your journey, what are the things you wish you knew, and feel like no one has explained to you? Dr. Aimee answers questions from listeners on this show.