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The Egg Whisperer Show

Jul 30, 2022

Today on The Egg Whisperer Show podcast, I’m delighted to be joined by Dr. Dylan Cutler to talk about healing PCOS with lifestyle changes.

You guys, we just said “healing” PCOS. We're not talking about treating, we're talking about healing and there's no better person to talk about this than Dr. Dylan. As a PCOS...

Jul 28, 2022

When seeing patients, I always recommend people to gather their Fertility TEAM, and the T is for therapist. I'm so excited to have Dr. Loree Johnson share her valuable info with all of you today.

In this conversation, we’re going to be talking about some of the mental health impacts of being a fertility patient....

Jul 27, 2022

PCOS is one of the most common and most misunderstood conditions that we treat as reproductive endocrinologists, and this week I'm delighted to be joined on the podcast by Dr. Lucky Sekhon of RMA of New York to talk all about it.

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome, and that name can lead to some confusion. A lot...

Jul 26, 2022

When you're pregnant after IVF, you’re likely beaming with joy while at the same time trying to keep negative, worrisome thoughts in check. Am I right?

If you’re like so many of the fertility patients I see, then you may be hyper-aware of your body, emotions and sensitive to the what-ifs of pregnancy after fertility...