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The Egg Whisperer Show

Fertility Expert Question and Answer Session with Dr. Sneha Kishore: All About Fertility and Lifestyle Medicine

Nov 29, 2020

Internal Medicine doctor and lifestyle medicine specialist, Dr. Sneha Kishore joins Dr. Aimee to share everything you need to know about making lifestyle changes to support your fertility and overall health. We talk about weight gain from fertility medicine, getting enough sleep, and addressing chronic low grade...

Nov 29, 2020

I'm delighted to be joined by Dr. Sneha Kishore for this episode of Ask The Egg Whisperers. In this episode, Sneha talks about lifestyle medicine, and how improving your lifestyle can impact your fertility.

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Nov 28, 2020

In this episode, I answer 20 different questions, and the last one is from Leah, where she asks, “Can you do ERA and Receptiva tests in the same cycle? My doctor says, ‘no,’ but I've heard others had it done together. What would be the reasons for spreading them out?”

Tune in to hear my answer to Leah’s...

Nov 26, 2020

Dr. Zaher Merhi joins Dr. Aimee for this episode of Ask The Egg Whisperers.

The first question we take is from Janice, who shares this, “My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past two years. I am 36 and my husband is 43. In January 2020, we decided to get a fertility workup. My uterus was fine, tubes...

Nov 25, 2020

I’ve been wanting to have today’s guest, Dr. Zaher Merhi on the Egg Whisperer Show for a really long time. Here’s why I’m so excited about this discussion:

Dr. Merhi at Rejuvenating Fertility Center has three cutting edge technologies for fertility patients that he’s going to talk to us about today: at home...